Class Descriptions

Zumba Gold– Our signature class- energizing, easy to follow- with incredible music! Zumba Gold is perfect online, because it’s slightly slower pace is helpful for our home set-up. We get a strong cardiovascular workout- and also gain muscle strength and improve balance. So much fun!


Zumba Gold Toning– This is our only equipment class- but do not worry- you can also use your own weights- or- simply use your own resistance. Be ready to have a blast, tone up, and finish feeling exhilarated and empowered! We also do this AMAZING class SEATED!


Zumba Gold Seated-   Great for beginners, or those who may be working with limitations, or a recent injury. We are seated, but keep the party going! You will be amazed at the great workout you can get seated! 


Dance Conditioning– If you want to feel like a dancer, come to this class! Calling all beginners, and introverts, we’ve got the perfect class for you. Do you like showtunes? Broadway hits? Jazz, African, and modern dance numbers? This may be your class! 40 minutes to stretch, balance, warm up the joints, and yes, dance what we’ve learned at the end.



I am Monica Bengtson, owner of A Fit Class LLC., Zumba instructor for 12+years- and have loved every moment of it! Born and raised in San Diego, but now happily reside in Mystic, Connecticut.



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